Trainer Development

PIVOT - Development Framework for HCD Professionals

With the world fast changing, Human Capital Development Professionals need to develop capabilities that equip them for the future.

The Pivot to Rise is a unique capability framework that gives HCD professionals a clear roadmap to develop oneself to a well-rounded professional. These are meant to generic development areas required for all HCD Professionals outside their particular technical expertise.

The framework is based on the three I's - Inspiration, Intervention and Impact.


HCD Professionals need to be inspired themselves with a clear personal vision, grounded with values and continuously seek to learn & transform themselves. That personal credibility and branding is crucial before they train or develop others.


HCD Professionals need social capabilities to partner with other professionals, enter into collaborations through contracts, manage stakeholder relationships and network across the globe to find newer opportunities. They need to be a process expert in all stages of the Learning Cycle - Diagnose, Design, Deliver and Document. The Learners' experience is central to the HCD framework- designing and managing seamlessly across multiple methods of learning is essential. HCD professionals need to be entrepreneurial in their approach - managing the business of training & marketing their products & services to potential learners. Technology changes are rapid, keeping abreast with newer tools to improve productivity & learner experiences is important.


Moving from the different levels of learning effectiveness to measuring ROI - measurable overall impact on business goals, financial goals, customer, leadership. Creating a fan following & positively influencing the quality of the learner's life is an aspiration for all HCD professionals. Link your HCD efforts to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to create a social impact & a better world. The Pursuit of Excellence is not a destination but the life journey itself.

Use this framework to

"Pivot" your Identity

"Speed" up the Interventions

"Rise" with Impact.