My Learning Journey

Hi! Thanks for visiting this site. I am a Lifelong Learner - my learning pursuits has expanded me both personally & professionally.

From a Corporate Experience of more than two decades in various roles from Manufacturing, HRM and Training & Development, to my current role of dabbling with founding & developing businesses, it is a very eventful journey.

Here, I like to share with anyone & everyone who is interested to learn along with me as I share some of my work & insights.

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Initiatives Involved

We are an ecosystem of learning professionals and organizations who are passionate in the pure joy of learning.

Supporting Small and Medium Enterprise Community in Central Asia and South East Asia countries to make Learning a Habit, Build and Grow profitable Businesses and Contribute to a sustainable future.

Founded in 1972, The Singapore Training and Development Association is the pioneering and longest serving association of training professionals who are passionate to learn and grow together.

Passionate Causes/Projects